Fortune favors me?

Image I have a fondness for Chinese and Vietnamese food and while sitting here at my desk trying to wrestle with my writing demons, I caved to the demands of my stomach and ordered . As usual, since gas is so high  and since I have a soft spots for the delivery guys who deliver from my favorite Chinese restaurant  I ordered enough to feed me for several meals  so I received two fortune cookies instead of just one. The first read ,”Follow your heart for success in the coming week”. The second one, opened at supper a few hours after the first one at lunch,read “You have an active mind and a keen imagination”. So, now I’m intrigued because I have been trying to follow my heart or my inner instincts lately and I have been told often enough about my imagination and some still believe in my intelligence. The quote I misquoted above,”Fortune favors the brave!” whose authorship eludes me at the moment, says bravery rewards the spirit with fortune and I have never thought of myself as being especially brave. All too often fear ,of various things and people, has been in control of my heart and my actions with stressful and horrifying results . Perhaps it is time to listen to these fortunes thought up by nameless people and arbitrarily thrown in the two fortune cookies and grabbed up by the people at the restaurant since they didn’t promise anything more than what I truly can achieve on my own if I but conquer my fears and believe in my self and my abilities. Some use fear to control others , thinking quite rightly that a fearful person is easier to manipulate  and I am so tired of fear being a constant and unwanted companion so fortune has given me a small boost of confidence by way of two little phrases, I believe I shall listen to the phrases !