Ripples in the water

ImageIsn’t it fascinating how ripples in a body of water work? This was an inlet so it wasn’t a pond or contained body of water and caused by the wind ,not a rock or pebble tossed in , but it is still ripples. I am constantly amazed by people in this world of ours who do not grasp the simple concept of ripples in a pond. They think, ” I can throw this pebble in that pond and it will go straight down and only affect the trajectory it took and the water under it, I don’t have to worry about anything else!” .Those ripples start and grow until the whole pond is affected and the ripples reach the waters edge. A lot of us are guilty of tossing a rock in and walking away thinking it did no harm and it might not have ,till the ripples reached the shore and upset  a fish or frog laying eggs or a kid in a boat caught off guard by the gentle rocking of the boat and falling overboard. Yes,that might be reaching a bit but metaphorically in life, we all do it, I’ve been guilty myself,never setting out to deliberately hurt anyone with my “ripple maker” but harm was done anyway. As humans ,we can’t go through life never tossing a “pebble” but we can try and think about the “ripples” that come from our throw and minimize the negative reactions and encourage the positive ones. ” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just talking about a careless comment, I’m talking about life in general,everything we do does affect something or someone else. If we strike for a raise  well that money has to come from somewhere,if we vote with our emotions or traditions instead of our minds and common sense ,well,we have to deal with what happens if we’re wrong. I’ve never been able to understand those who have been discriminated against, turning around and doing it to someone else because they know how it feels,why do the same to someone else for that makes you just as bad as the one who originally discriminated against you ! I know, I’m not perfect but  life has taught me as I have gotten older ,that even the wisest among us, tosses a “pebble” without thinking from time to time so now that I have totally confused you, all I’m asking is a little common sense and thinking outside your own little world. True tolerance does not mean that the only good people in your life are the ones who believe precisely as you do and going to extremes in anything usually only leads to disaster! Remember the “ripples” and think as you walk along as to whether or not, that “pebble” really needs to be thrown.

Oh, to be beside the sea

silver waves I bet you thought this would be another poem or cute beginning to another story but alas, it is only a “Whine” with very little cheese to be seen. I have fallen victim to the “Incredible Creeping Crud” aka a bad cold and since my Muse who is also stricken refuses to rise from her imaginary sick bed(muses are fictional people, get real!) , this is a creative as my ordinary fevered mind can come up with. As I hack and moan and groan and wipe my nose (thank you Kleenex!) , my ability to … uh,… see, how dry I am of literary genius right now.? Oh to be beside the silver sea and   sit my weary body down in the ocean and …oh heck, I’ll be back later when I am well and that imaginary Muse starts doing her job again!

Pondering possibilities

ImagePerhaps , just perhaps sometimes, people are placed in our pathways to make us think or amuse us or just add an element of possibility at a moment when we can’t see beyond the end of our own noses, the infinite world out in front of us. We’re on a journey through life and for the most  part, we’re solitary travelers even in crowds of people but sometimes we connect with someone and we have a hand to help us over the hurdles our journey puts in our path. Some of us are lucky and wise enough to hold on to that person with all their heart and the journey becomes much less lonely but ,in my case, I am still looking for my travel partner. Someone asked me if I could go anywhere in the world i wanted ,would I go by myself and I said no. To me, seeing a new place or a wonderful sight, calls for a companion to turn to and say ,” Isn’t that amazing?” or ” How beautiful that is!” and sharing the treasure with another person. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy some time spent being solitary but as fascinating as I may think I am, even Me gets bored with Myself and I from time to time.Opening oneself up to a possibility of a relationship means taking a chance on getting hurt and once you have been, doing it again is petrifying . I hear over and over how people once they started loving being single, found their true love ,well, if they truly loved being single, they wouldn’t have loved being with a partner again, now would they? Do I have the answers to my questions, not really but I am pondering the possibilities.

If I could have a tree

ImageIf I could have a tree that climbed towards the sky

That brushed the clouds and swayed with the wind

Whose branches were thick and safe and many

That held a multitude of secrets and ideas

That would let me play and imagine all day

And save everything it saw for me to see the next day

Never to criticize but only be a silent and loving companion in my imagination

To help broaden my view but allow me to look where I wanted to

To always be there, reaching up to touch the sky

Yet be firmly rooted in the warm soil of the earth

I think I’d never come down

48 hours all to my self?

ImageDo I really have two whole days to myself? Well, maybe but in those forty eight hours, I have to perform certain tasks such as laundry and cleaning  and ,perhaps writing, that will consume those precious hours like a ravenous beast. Even my dreams stole a few minutes this morning and caused me to awaken quite before I was ready, not due to them being nightmares  but because my subconscious recognized the need to wake up and straighten up my abode and accomplish something so that when Monday comes, I will feel like I didn’t squander my time off with something so time consuming as extra slumber. The dream itself was actually quite entertaining and I really didn’t want to wake up because my dream had me ultimately in the position I want which is taking care of a lot of people under “my” roof. The roof in question in the dream was a huge old house of which my domicile was the top floor but it was built against a mountain which curved around the house to give the illusion that my rooms were the only building there. In the dream , I grow tired of unexplained utility bills which the landlord shrugs off with explanations of drafts and “It’s just always been that way!” so I decide to explore the “storage room” underneath  which is packed with junk, only to find other rooms and other floors beneath . These “rooms” and floors I come to find, have other people living in them who are also paying the exorbitant bills and indeed ,didn’t know that I lived above. Odd thing, a friend from my past ends up being one of the first couple I find and they are living right under me,Freud would have a field day with this dream but we all decide to clean up the mess and work on weatherproofing the house so we can have a better life living in this house. Not a collective type situation because I am still paying the bulk of the bills but  that bulk does get reduced because I’m not paying to heat or cool the outside air and neither or they. I wish i knew the end of the dream because the landlord had just shown up and we were discussing the strange and convoluted history of this unique house when as I said earlier,my subconscious woke me up! Oh well,  it was time, and so far, I have stripped the baby’s bed and play pen and picked up most of his toys in preparation to vacuum  and would still be doing such but my Muse reminded me that I promised to write something somewhere today and so I am. My nose is reminding me that I promised it to shower and my tummy needs sustenance  so enjoy your weekend and make the most of it like I plan to do!

Terrific tuesday!

ImageYes, it’s me so long ago and just look at how happy I am,sort of like today. Not really sure why because Monday was so stressful but who cares,I feel good,got my coffee,dishwasher is busy,laundry is going and the baby is being extra cute this morning. I may even traipse on over to the edge of the forest this morning and see what Penelope Possum and Caboose Bunne and the twins are up to. Perhaps the block is lifting and they can finally have their adventure , I hope so,it is rough being in a “holding pattern”! Sometimes, I think we get ourselves in the same fix,just waiting for something to happen so we can move on when we need to make things happen to break the inertia. So, enjoy the day and take joy from the small things ,they really do matter!

Embrace the day


Embrace the day and where it leads

Follow the rails on down the line

Roll in with the tide and out again

Run with the herd and travel their way

See new things and set your feet where they’ve never stood before

Open your eyes to wondrous things that have been overlooked before

Open your soul to believing in something bigger than yourself

And feel confident in your ability to handle anything life throws your way

Then tonight, when sleep comes to call, feel free to roam abroad in your dreams

Knowing you earned the night by not wasting your day